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Ali Baba - Our 2012 Pantomime


We hope that the audience enjoyed our performance of Ali Baba as much as the cast did during the three performances. Thanks to everyone who supported it by coming to see the pantomime and to all the volunteers helping and to the cast. We had some great new members of the cast this year and some very lively young performers who were a treat to work with.

The pantomime was a very traditional one but abounding with the usual jokes and repartee. The scenery was bright and cheerful with some lovely touches and the costumes were colourful.

The only sad note was the departure of our stalwart stage manager, Geoff Corke, who is moving away from Ashdon. We gave him an important assignment this year - to transform the Horse's Head into a camel. Unfortunately that was beyond his capabilities, but among other things we presented him with a signed photograph of the Horse's Head so that he wouldn't forget it. We hope Geoff will be back to see next year's pantomime and at least he will be able to relax and enjoy it for once after more than 40 years slaving away behind the scenes.

If you are interested in being involved in this year's pantomime please contact us before September.

If anyone would like to purchase a dvd of this pantomime or certain others they are available at £5 each. Please contact John Brooker.

Stills taken from the dvd
Images of the cast at rehearsals
Group photo
Thieves 2
Hanki and Jiggery
El Rancid
Ali and rhum Baba
Kassim, Olive and Marlene
Polly and Rhum
Ali treads on Fatimas foot and kisses it
Marlene and dancers
Crone caught red handed
Rhum and crone with accompaniment from Grace
Tollah pre haircut
Polly and spider
Rhum Hanki and Jiggery
The Mummy
Geoff and Horses Head
Fatima and El Rancid

Cast of Ali Baba

(in order of appearance)
Ali Baba John Brooker
Tollah Greg Wray
Rhum Baba Malcolm Lewis
Fatima Kebab Gillian Brooker
Omar Clod Clive Bartram
Crone/Marlena Liz Dixon
Kassim James Hill
Olive Joyce Osgood
Jiggery Pokery Pete Smith
Hanki Panki Caroline Sutherland
Professor Perkins Andrew Bartram
Polly Perkins Natasha Stock
El Rancid Greg Wray
Citizens/Thieves Charlie Sutherland, Andy Long, Charley Cooke, Grace Cordall, Carol Goodchild, Aaliyah Kinnley, Lucy Swan
Camilla Eric Bartlett, Charlie Sutherland
Mummy Eric Bartlett

Production and Crew of Ali Baba
Director John Brooker
Pianist Pat Rust
Script Writer John Brooker
Stage Crew Geoff Corke and members of the cast
Scenery Carol Goodchild and friends
Costumes Andy Long
Props Gillian Brooker and Andrew Bartram
Make up Caroline Sutherland
Sound Effects Kevin Nicholas
Lighting Toby Roberts
Prompt Kevin Nicholas
Video Recording Terry Collins
Front of House David and Mary Green
Refreshments Janet & Mike Elsey
Producer and Programmes Gillian Brooker
Programme Sales Ashdon Post Office & Gillian Brooker

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