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Jack and the Beanstalk - Our 2013 Pantomime


Our pantomime took place on Friday 29th November at 7.45 and Saturday 30th November with performances at 2.45 and 7.45 in Ashdon Primary School.

Jack and the Beanstalk is a traditional pantomime but there are some departures from the story as usual and the script abounds in gags. The Horse's Head made an early appearance, this time masquerading as Daisy the cow. His/her range of alter egos are incredible. We all had a wonderful and hilarious time rehearsing and performing and hope that our audience enjoyed the performance.

If you are interested in being involved with the pantomime please contact us.

If anyone would like to purchase a dvd of this pantomime or certain others they are available at £5 each. Please contact John Brooker.

Stills taken from the dvd
Images of the cast at rehearsals
Hold your hand out you naughty boy
Didn't we have a lovely time at market
Down on Twankey's Farm
Joyce as the Fairy Godmother
Malcolm as Widow Twankey
Aaliyah as Hansel
Emily as Gretel with Charlotte
Clive as Jack
Aaliyah as Bo-Peep with Grace
John as Mr Friggens
Charlotte and Lucy
Ian as Daisy the cow
Greg as Tom
Pete as Dick
Caroline as Harriet
Andrew as Eli
Eric as Bert
James as Fred
Widow Twankey surprises Mr Friggens with a kiss
Karen as Sally
Gillian as Witchy Poo
The Stagehand trying to explain why Daisy is a two legged cow
In the Giant's kitchen
Mrs Crump pretends to be nice
Fred and Ethel
Tom and Dick and Harriet
Old King cole with Jack
Eli, the Witch and children
Please don't throw me out of my cottage
Stirring the Giant's stew
A boot and an eyeball are all that is left of the Giant
Sally says that Jack and she are much too young to marry - yet

Cast of Jack and the Beanstalk

(in order of appearance)
Fairy Joyce Osgood
Widow Twankey Malcolm Lewis
Hansel Aaliyah Kinnley
Gretel Emily-Jade Moss
Jack Clive Bartram
Mr Friggens John Brooker
Stagehand Gillian Brooker
Daisy the Cow Ian McDonald
Dick Pete Smith
Eli Andrew Bartram
Harriet Caroline Sutherland
Tom Greg Wray
Fred James Hill
Bert Eric Bartlett
Ethel Karen Collins
Witchy Poo (Ping Pong) Gillian Brooker
Old King Cole Ian McDonald
Bo-Peep Aaliyah Kinnley
Sally Karen Collins
Mrs Crump Gillian Brooker
Giant James Hill
Villagers/Castle Staff Grace Cordall, Lucy Swan, Charlotte Marsh and members of the cast

Production and Crew of Jack and the Beanstalk
Director John Brooker
Pianist Pat Rust
Script Writer John Brooker
Stage Crew Richard Gray and members of the cast
Scenery Carol Goodchild and friends
Costumes Gillian Brooker, Andy Long
Props Andrew Bartram
Make up Caroline Sutherland
Sound Effects Kevin Nicholas
Lighting Dan
Prompt Kevin Nicholas
Video Recording Terry Collins
Front of House David and Mary Green
Refreshments Janet & Mike Elsey
Producer and Programmes Gillian Brooker
Programme Sales Ashdon Post Office & Gillian Brooker

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