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Panto Time Machine - Our 2014 Pantomime

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Our pantomime took place on Friday 28th November at 7.45 and Saturday 29th November with performances at 2.45 and 7.45 in Ashdon Primary School.

We had a wonderful time performing this pantomime and the audience was very enthusiastic. It was John Brooker's 50th year of writing pantomimes (some updated) and performing in them, so he was especially pleased by some of the comments he received after the performances. This was not a traditional pantomime in the true sense but it owed a lot to the usual pantomime form and characters. We had a witch, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Dick Whittington and Mother Goose, besides a host of colourful characters including some familiar puppet people and animals. There was Sooty and Sweep, Judy (from Punch and Judy), Andy Pandy, Bill and Ben, Lady Penelope (from Thunderbirds), Pinocchio and Scooby Doo. The Horse's Head had an exceptionally busy year. He appeared as Muffin the Mule, Diablo the circus horse and Trigger. There were a host of other characters who appeared in the circus and wild west scenes. Since some of them had three changes of costumes they were almost as busy as the Horse's Head. We are indebted to all of our players who worked very hard, particularly those who had to double up as oily rags and those who came into the pantomime as guests. We are very grateful to our piano player who joined in the spirit of the production and to our technical staff who worked wonders.

If you are interested in being involved with the pantomime please contact us.

If anyone would like to purchase a dvd of this pantomime or certain others they are available at £5 each. Please contact John Brooker.

Cast photo
Images of the cast at rehearsals
Group photo

Cast of the Pantotime Machine 2014

(in order of appearance)
Mother Goose Gillian Brooker
Cinderella Carol Goodchild
Dick Whittington Andrew Bartram
Idle Jack Pete Smith
Cheerful Charlie Malcolm Lewis
Evilla Andy Long
Judy/Kitty Caroline Sutherland
Announcer/Ringmistress/Widow Gumm Joyce Osgood
Andy Pandy/Stagehand/Silly Billy/Gorilla/Sheriff Tex Dillon John Brooker
Bill/Eric Eric Bartlett
Ben/Clive/Black Bart Greg Wray
Lady Penelope/Madame Mozarelli/Fairy Linda Shepherd
Pinocchio/Ghost/Rocky Steve Willis
Scooby Doo Charlotte Marsh/Mrs Teeth
Ovaltine/Buck Teeth Aaliyah Kinnley
Anna/Lone Ranger Grace Cordall
Billy the Kid Chloe Halls
Stranger James Hill
Fruit Machine Williams Emily Jade Moss
Rumpel Buckskin Ian MacDonald
Prospector Lucy Swan
Other parts and chorus Rhianna Kinnley, Aaliyah Kinnley, Emily-Jade Moss, Grace Cordall, Lucy Swan, Charlotte Marsh, Chloe Halls,

Production and Crew of Pantotime Machine 2014
Director John Brooker
Pianist Pat Rust
Script Writer John Brooker
Stage Crew Malcolm Lewis and members of the cast
Scenery Carol Goodchild and friends
Costumes Carol Goodchild, Andy Long and Gillian Brooker
Props Andrew Bartram and Gillian Brooker
Make up Caroline Sutherland
Sound Effects Kevin Nicholas and James Gant
Lighting Dan Willmott
Prompt Kevin Nicholas
Front of House Sonia Lewis, Emma Heard, Scott Kinnley
Refreshments Janet & Mike Elsey, Scott Kinnley, Jen Morse, Emma Heard
Producer and Programmes Gillian Brooker
Programme Sales Ashdon Post Office & Gillian Brooker

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