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Dick Whittington - Our 2016 Pantomime

Dick Whittington and his cat

Our pantomime took place on Friday 25th November Saturday 26th November in Ashdon Primary School.

We welcomed back Jerry Curzon and Ivan Bartlett to our cast this year together with some new performers. Helena Carrington, who has some acting experience, played Alice, whilst Lucy King and Jonathan Archer were given cameo parts in our opening scene. Lucy and Jonathan bid against each other to be in our pantomime in a local auction of promises. When the bidding reached £135 they agreed to stop and share the "prize". We hoped they enjoyed the experience.

Dick Whittington was a Medieval hero who was first written about in the early 1600s in the form of a ballad, a play and prose story.  All recount the tale of Dick, a poor boy from somewhere north of London, who came to London looking for riches in the City.  All versions include a cat, but only the prose version which is fuller, mentions the bells of Bow Church, the Fitzwarrens and the voyage to North Africa.  The pantomime versions usually maintain the same basic plot.   There is a commemorative Whittington Stone at the foot of Highgate Hill where Dick allegedly heard the Bow bells.  There is some doubt though whether he would have been able to hear them from this distance. 

We hope you enjoyed our rendering of this traditional tale with the usual embellishments of jokes.  Expediency relating to our resources persuaded us to alter the setting to a later century.  Samuel Pepys enjoyed the puppet version.  I wonder what he would have made of ours?

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Photographs and stills taken from the dvd
King Rat with henchrats
The Cast
Dick, Alice and Tom
Caliph, Birdseye, dame, Fitz and Abdul
My old man
Jack, Aubrey, Bee Poop, Rat and Urchin
curtain seller
curtain seller and pearly queen
Dick Whittington
King Rat
Dick meets Tom
Dame Tom and Dick
King Rats calls his henchmen
Tom, dick and Urchins
Aubrey and Little Bee Poop
Aubrey and Bee Poop rat catching
Jack in trouble
Rats invade Fitzwarrens
tom the rat chatcher
Dick Tom and Alice
Fitzwarren and Birdseye
Summer Holiday
Dame and MTramp
Sea Horse
Dame and Bosun
Jack confesses
Rats in Drunken Sailor
Dick Alice and Tom
Bitrdseye and Bosun
Rats at sea
King Rat
Pianoman and Audience
caliph and Abdul
Dick Rewarded
London again

Cast of Dick Whittington

(in order of appearance)
Dame Daphne Whitebait Jerry Curzon
Alderman Fitzwarren Pete Smith
Tinker Ian MacDonald
Tramp John Brooker
Fruit Seller Gillian Brooker
Pieman Ivan Bartlett
Showman Greg Wray
Pearly Queen Jonathan Archer
Curtain Seller Lucy King
Street Urchins Charlotte Marsh, George Bartlett, Lucy Swan
Brat Rat Aaliyah Kinnley
Batty Ratty Carrick Maley
King Rat Malcolm Lewis
Dick Whittington Caroline Sutherland
Tom Cat Grace Cordall
Alice Fitzwarren Helena Carrington
Idle Jack Gillian Brooker
Aubrey Pfaff John Brooker
Little Bee Poop Charlotte Marsh
Captain Birdseye Greg Wray
Cutstomers George Bartlett, Lucy Swan, Charlotte Marsh, Ian MacDonald
Bosun Bruce John Brooker
Additional Rats Lucy Swan, George Bartlett, Charlotte Marsh
Caliph Richard ivan Bartlett
Abdul Ian MacDonald

Production and Crew of Aladdin
Director John Brooker
Pianist Brian Farley
Script Writer John Brooker
Stage Crew Malcolm Lewis and members of the cast
Scenery Carol Goodchild and friends
Sound Effects & Lighting Dan Willmott
Costumes Gillian Brooker, Hilary Haynes
Props Gillian Brooker
Make up Caroline Sutherland, Denise French
Prompt Chrissie Swann
Visual recording Terry Collins
Front of House Mary Green, Mrs Maley, Denise French
Refreshments Janet & Mike Elsey, Mrs Maley, Denise French, Jen Morse and Katie Brooker
Producer and Programmes Gillian Brooker
Programme Sales Ashdon Post Office & Gillian Brooker

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