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Sinbad - Our 2017 Pantomime

Sinbad poster by Alfred Clark

We hope that everyone who came to see Sinbad enjoyed the performance. As usual it was littered with familiar and a few unfamiliar jokes and adlibs.

We were very proud of our younger members who took some of the lead or multiple parts and performed them exceptionally well.

Our scenery was suberbly painted as usual and this year we had lightweight flats which meant that all the cast could be involved in scene changing. We were indebted to the help given by the Dodgy Jammers Ukulele group who not only performed brilliantly in the pantomime but were so helpful in pulling curtains and scenery changing. We do miss having one person in charge of it all and would welcome a volunteer who could perform this role for just one week of the year.

The poster above was contributed by Alfred Clark of Ashdon School. It was one of eight which schoolchildren submitted, with Alfred's being the winning entry. The other posters are included further down the page. They are by Arthur Maynard-Smith, Tabatha Maynard-Smith, Ethan Lewis, Sapphira Lewis, Thomas Porch, Thomas Morland and Penny Lotter. We enjoyed the involvement of children from the School since we were able to have some eye-catching posters and programme covers.

If you are interested in being involved in this year's pantomime please contact us before September.

If anyone would like to purchase a dvd of this pantomime or certain others they are available at £5 each. Please contact John Brooker.


Photographs and stills taken from the dvd
Images of the cast at rehearsals
Tabatha poster
Thomas Porch poster
Arthur poster
Ethan poster
Penny poster
Sapphi poster
Group photo
Thomas Morland poster
Dodgy Jammers
Opening song 1
Dodgy Jammers opening
Sinbad opening 2
We saw the sea
Caliph's arrival 1
Caliph's arrival 2
Sinbad is entranced by sinistro
Two whistles
On board ship
On voard shop 2
King Caractacus
Abandon hope Dodgy Jammers Talida captured
Old man of the sea Old Man iof Sea on Sinbad's back
Tinbad and Semolina Gorilla Semolina and gorilla
Villains ans girls Sinistro and Pearl
Sinistro captured Unpleasant pheasant Unpleasant pheasant
Return to Constantinople Hallo sailor Return to Constantinople

Cast of Sinbad

(in alphabetical order)
Coca, Rita, Bludruncolda Gillian Brooker
Brokers Man 2, Smuggler 2, Hard Luck Harry John Brooker
Princess Pearl Grace Cordall
Sinistro Jerry Curzon
Mrs Semolina Sinbad Tracy Dewhurst
Talida Aaliyah Kinnley
Tinbad the Tailor Malcolm Lewis
Sinbad the Sailor Carrick Maley
The Caliph Charlotte Marsh
Brokers Man 1, Smuggler 1 Ian McDonald
Cola, Sally from the Galley, Gorilla Caroline Sleven
Wazir, Old Man of the Sea Peter Smith
Salome, Primula Lucy Swan
Mustapha Greg Wray
Dodgy Jammers Carol Goodchild and Friends

Production and Crew of Sinbad
Director John Brooker
Pianist Brian Farley
Script Writer John Brooker
Stage Crew Malcolm Lewis and members of the cast
Scenery Carol Goodchild and friends
Costumes Gillian Brooker and Hilary Haynes
Props Gillian Brooker
Make up Caroline Sleven
Sound Effects and lighting Dan Willmott
Prompt Jenny Maley
Video Recording Terry Collins
Front of House Mary Green, Denise French, Sharon Lewis
Refreshments Denise French, Sharon Lewis, Jen Brooker
Producer and Programmes Gillian Brooker
Programme Sales Andrew Cohen Associates & Gillian Brooker

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