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We are a small group made up of people from Ashdon and surrounding towns and villages. Our range of experience is very mixed from those new to acting to some with many years of performing. We get together at the beginning of October for the first read through of the pantomime and after that we rehearse every Monday and Wednesday up until the dress rehearsal around the third Sunday of November. Just two more rehearsals follow before we put the pantomime on on the following Friday evening and the Saturday afternoon and evening. Although it is a short and intensive rehearsal period this suits most of us better. Members who are in the Chorus need only come once a week when our pianist is there.

The rehearsals are informal and usually fun due to the jolly camaraderie and the script. Our regular pianist copes with any obscure tunes that we throw at her and whilst some of us are not perfect singers we manage to perform to the best of our abilities with a good range of voices to back up any hesitant performers. Whilst we always need members to perform named parts, we regard the Chorus as the backbone of our pantomimes. They provide the colour and harmony and hold the script together so that there are no awkward gaps which leave the audience waiting.

As essential as the Chorus are the people who carry out all the backstage tasks. These range from members of the cast who construct and decorate the scenery, provide refreshments in rehearsals, and provide and make the costumes to those who perform valuable services at the performances such prompting the actors and and taking the tickets. A fuller list of ways in which you could help are listed on our Contact page.

Although most of our pantomimes are based around traditional fairy tales they often have interesting variations. We also perform pantomimes which may seem less traditional such as King Arthur, and the Pantomime Time Machine which do not stray far from the theme of "good overcoming evil" with "baddies" to hiss and boo and a wedding to celebrate somewhere. They are always suitable for children to watch although adults may be aware of the odd innuendo. The scripts are usually written by members of the local community and this adds to their enjoyment since there is an appreciation of what the audiences enjoy.

We hope that you will be encouraged to come along and watch the pantomimes and perhaps join the Ashdon Players. Please get in touch with us if you would like tickets either by emailing or calling us on or by contacting one of our members on the Contact page.

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