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Babes in the Wood - our 2006 Production

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Stills from the video at the performance
The villainous Squire tries to run away One of the Babes shows he can act like a dog It has been an awfully long journey and I am hungry
Schoolchildren will be children When Father papered the parlour the Dame became  covered in paste Three Ashdon beauties and Dr Acula performing Monster Mash
Van Helsing confronts Dr. Acula and his assistant, Jill A member of the audience pays the price for too smart a comment In a cottage in a wood
It's behind you The Box sketch Finale

Cast of Babes in the Wood
Susie Joyce Osgood
Stevie Caroline Sutherland
Squire Bone John Brooker
Dame Nora Bone Sandra King
Horrible Herbert Ivan Bartlett
Frightful Fred Malcolm Lewis
Dracula Jerry Curzon
Jill Deb O'Gorman
Mellors Caroline Sutherland
Polly Gillian Wotherspoon
Postman, Harbottle Richard Corbett
Banker Eric Bartlett
Wuffles Claire Ferris-Lay
Grubby Jim Shirling-Rooke
Country Bumpkin Andy Winwood
Chorus Maureen Shirling-Rooke, Gerry Pyke, Carol Goodchild, Hannah Webber
Children from Ashdon Primary School Marissa Preston, Beatrice White, Megan Noakes, Jamie Cotter, Tim Medcalf, Fern Thanomsing, Georgina McGivern

Production and Crew of Babes in the Wood
Director John Brooker
Pianist Pat Rust
Stage Crew Geoff Corke, John Clarke, Pete Smith
Scenery Malcolm Lewis, Gloria McGregor
Costumes Gerry Pyke, Carol Goodchild and Sandra King
Props Richard Corbett
Sound Effects John Clarke
Lighting Toby Roberts
Prompt John Clarke
Make-up Caroline Sutherland
Director of singing by children Jane Evans
Front of House David and Mary Green
Refreshments Alana Osgood, Liz Baynton
Admin and Programmes Gillian Wotherspoon

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