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This is our history page which is currently under construction.

We have a few details about the formation of the drama group but we would be grateful for any information that you have on past productions, some of the people who were in the group or were connected with it. Please contact Gillian Wotherspoon if you can fill any of the blanks.

We are indebted to John Brooker and Robin Plumridge for some photographs and information and to Ashdon Museum for lending us Pam Eatough's large collection of photographs of several pantomimes.


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For newcomers to Ashdon pantomimes perhaps a work of explanation about the Horseís Head is in order.

The Horseís Head first appeared in The Pantomime Machine staged in 1994 when the running gag through its three appearances as Trigger, Muffin the Mule and Diablo the Wonder Horse was that stage manager Geoff Corke and his helpers hadnít bothered to finish constructing the animal and thatís why it was just a head.

As a bizarre result the Horseís Head became a village icon and has appeared in every pantomime since in a variety of guises including a reindeer, a camel and a cow!!

It actually started life as part of an art project by Kate Brooker at Linton Village College. To this day she is bewildered by its enduring Fame!

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