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Jack and Jill - our 2003 Production

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Stills of the performance
Can anyone hear the phone ringing? Jack and Jill get ready to do a runner Eric is in trouble again
Synchronised swimming as you have never seen it before The villain annoys the Dame Toys come alive
Me and my dummy Hallo, hallo, hallo Is he serious?
The Dame is enjoying the task of undressing Andy Mermaids The kingdom under the water


Cast of Jack and Jill
Dame Dobbs Sandra King
Jack Jerry Curzon
Jill Caroline Sutherland
Sinistro Trevor Bishop
Tommy Tucker Deb O'Gorman
Walter Feacher Richard Colbert
Postman Andy Winwood
Fetch John Brooker
Carry Josephine Winwood
Doctor Andrew Burnett
PC Peasy Eric Bartlett
Water Witch Alana Osgood
Chorus and other parts Tessa Collins, Vicky Gray, Sheila Johnson
Children from Ashdon Primary School Anna Collins, Joanna Smith, Grace King, Amber Warner, Sophie Fletcher, Peter Howe-Brown, Matthew Nicholas, Harry Peters, Daniel Smith, James O'Gorman

Production and Crew of Jack and Jill
Director John Brooker
Pianist Pat Rust
Stage Crew Geoff Corke, Geoff Blackman, Andy Smith, Alan Rust
Scenery Deb O'Gorman, Caroline Sutehrland, Rebecca Illet
Costumes Gerry Pyke, Sandra King
Children's Choreography Sue Raven
Children's Director Tessa Collins
Props Richard Colbert
Make up Caroline Sutherland, Lynda Blackman, Katy Johnson
Sound Effects Kevin Nicholas
Lighting Kevin Nicholas, Toby Roberts
Prompt Joyce Osgood
Front of House David and Mary Green
Refreshments Linda Smith
Programmes Kevin Nicholas

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