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King Arthur - our 2005 Production

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Stills from the video at the performance
The dastardly duo of Morgana and Mordred Morgana bewitching Lancelot Mordred prepares to battle Lancelot
Get back to your baking girl What does Merlin have to say to that? The Queen is not amused
Time for another joke It's behind you What a spiffing little dragon
The Queen would rather have had a corgi as a pet Help! Lancelot meets the Queen
Knights of the Round Table The jousting scene A nasty horrible fire breathing dragon
It can be difficult to be romantic at times Make me feel like  a woman, only he is searching for the ironing for her to do I'm feeling all Mills and Boony tonight

Cast of King Arthur
King Arthur Jerry Curzon
Queen Guinivere Sandra King
Sir Lancelot Deb O'Gorman
Lady Olivia Carolyn Bartlett
Merlin John Brooker
Morgana Caroline Sutherland
Mordred Andy Winwood
Squirt Malcolm Lewis
Sally Gillian Wotherspoon
Page Richard Colbert
Sir Laughalot, Dragon 2 and others Andrew Burnett
Ghost, Lady and others Joyce Osgood
Jobsworth, Postman and others Eric Bartlett
Smoulder, Lady and Chorus Claire Ferris-Lay
Chorus Hannah Webber and members of the cast
Children from Ashdon Primary School Alice Nicholas, Chloe Grist, Jasmine Greaves, Charlotte Little, Charlie Sutherland, Sam Hawley, Lily Bidwell

Production and Crew of Robinson Crusoe
Director John Brooker
Pianist Pat Rust
Stage Crew Geoff Corke, John Clark
Scenery Malcolm Lewis, Liz Bayntun
Costumes Gerry Pyke, Carol Goodchild, Sandra King
Props Richard Colbert
Make up Caroline Sutherland, Carol Clark
Sound Effects Kevin Nicholas
Lighting Toby Roberts
Director of singing by children Jane Evans
Prompt Dave Webber
Front of House David and Mary Green
Refreshments Linda Smith
Admin and Programmes Gillian Wotherspoon

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