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Mother Goose - our 2009 Production

Poster for Mother Goose

We had a wonderful reaction from our 3 sell-out audiences at our performances of Mother Goose last year. As usual the cast looked as though they enjoyed participating as much as the audience enjoyed watching. The superb script was packed with gags and jokes which had some of the cast chuckling right through rehearsals. The scenery and costumes were lovely and our pianist did a great job managing to get us to sing in tune.

Thank you to all who took part and helped either during rehearsals or on the days of the performances. The team effort was superb.

If anyone would like to purchase a dvd of this pantomime or certain others they are available at £5 each. Please contact John Brooker.

Copies of the script are also available. If you are interested in looking at a 3 page sample please click on the link at the left hand side of the page. To purchase please contact Gillian Wotherspoon and to enquire about cost.

Stills from videos taken at the performances
Who will look after King Cole when his daughter leaves to find herself? Uriah Creep enjoy's a good joke at someone else's expense
Smash and Grab try to pinch Uriah Creep's wallet thumbnail Who are you calling names? thumbnail
The villagers were hoping for a good fairy to save them but instead a bad one comes along to frighten them thumbnail
The king and his daughter arrive to chaos thumbnail
Mother! You have returned to your old self thumbnail
Fairy 'Nough came in a twinkle thumbnail
I suppose I can give it a stroke - after all it nearly gave me one!
The opening number thumbnail
What good is a gold egg?  Who will want to buy that? thumbnail
The rejuvenated Mother Goose tells Uriah that he may kiss her hand thumbnail

Cast of Mother Goose
Mother Goose Pete Smith
Uriah Creep John Brooker
Jack Malcolm Lewis
Jill Carol Goodchild
Smash Caroline Sutherland
Grab Jerry Curzon
Little Tommy Tucker Eric Bartlett
Mary Mary/Geraldine Gerry Pyke
Little Jack Horner/Fairy Nuff Richard Westbrook
Moronica Tess Collins
Old King Cole Clive Smith
Madame Goose Paula Drummond
Salesman/Postman/Paper Seller Robin Plumridge
Penny Gillian Wotherspoon
Chorus Liz Dixon, Anthea Salem, Pam Hinds, Issa Cochrane, Members of the Cast
Children from Hang Out Youth Club Sophie Barber, Poppy Skillings, Chloe Smith, Charlotte Vincent

Production and Crew of Mother Goose
Director Gillian Wotherspoon
Children's Director Caroline Sutherland
Pianist Pat Rust
Script Writer John Brooker
Stage Crew Geoff Corke, Wimbish (Robert Sleven), Robin Plumridge
Scenery Carol Goodchild
Costumes Gerry Pyke and Carol Goodchild
Props Gillian Wotherspoon
Make up Caroline Sutherland
Sound Effects Kevin Nicholas
Lighting Toby Roberts
Prompt Kevin Nicholas
Video Recording Simon Bates and others
Front of House David and Mary Green
Refreshments Janet & Mike Elsey, Suzy Johnson, Frank Challis
Admin and Programmes Gillian Wotherspoon

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